Fans know Metallica is going to deliver great concert memories. They also know when superstars make big "comebacks", the show will rank among many a top 10 list.

Sometimes a concert turns out to be much better than fans had hoped for as the bands "over deliver" and give us some our best concert memories.

I've seen a ton of concerts, from big bands to small ones and they haven't all been "great". Some that I wasn't expecting much of however, actually blew me away. Here are my top 3 examples of that:

B&W Fall 2005 Fashion Week Feature
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Ghost. Campy. Cliche. A heavier, albeit more musically talented, KISS.  Those were my initial thoughts. I liked 'em but I didn't expect much of a show out of 'em.

1st show, Tricky Falls. A creepy show in an equally creepy venue. (I say that with total respect and love because that venue was incredible.) The musicianship, the artistry, the imagery, the attitude, the effects ... I could go on and on ... were on point. Bullseye.

2nd show. Abraham Chavez Theater. Bigger show, bigger production, more "plot development" if you will and more opportunity for Papa and the Ghouls to shred.

3rd show. Don Haskins Center. They're just rubbing it in now. Everything from shows 1 and 2, times 10. I'm sorry I doubted you Tobias.

Trans Siberian Orchestra. Christmas songs? Played in a rock fashion? Seriously? Whatever dude ... I gave them some points for their Savatage roots but that was it.

My hopes were not high and I wasn't even going to go to this one until I was invited by the band. They were AMAZING. You cannot OVER estimate how badly I UNDER estimated them.  Wow.

Since then, they just keep getting better. Building on the early dreams of Paul O'Neill and Al Petrell, TSO continue to up their game and what was once a bus or two and a box truck, now calls for 15-20 semi's, a fleet of busses and enough propane and gun powder to stage a revolution.

Trans-Siberian Orchestra Gave An Exclusive Performance At The iHeartRadio Theater In New York
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Hollywood Undead. I probably wouldn't have gone to this one either had KLAQ not arranged for a winner to play corn hole with them. I took the winner back and then stuck around, I must admit, to see the other bands.

Hollywood Undead brought tons of energy, fun and played "musical", musical chairs with members switching instruments. They even work in a little comedy here and there.

I will totally go see them again.

Xtreme Radio's Holiday Havoc Concert
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Those bands reminded not to judge ... at least, not until AFTER the show. As things get back to normal and concerts become more regular, I already have thoughts on bands heading our way.

I'm not going to say anything though. Not yet anyway ...


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