As Super Bowl weekend quickly approaches, everyone is attempting to predict the outcome of the Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriot showdown on February 4th. While many of you may already have bets on the winner of Super Bowl LII, our local 2017 TFCU Pro Football Pick'em Challenge Winner Jesus Aguilar is making one of the biggest prediction of his life.

Jesus has won the local contest by earning the highest points, by predicting regular season scores. The last prediction Jesus has made could win him some major money. If he predicts either score correctly, he will win $1,000, and if he predicts both correctly, he will take home $10,000!

As we congratulate Jesus, we also wish him the best of luck! We spent some time with Jesus to find out his technique on predicting the scores. Luck is the key factor for Jesus, along with keeping up with ESPN news. When Jesus isn't keeping up with football, he is jamming out to KLAQ. We thank Jesus and all of you who participated in this year's Pro Football Pick 'Em. Let Jesus be your glimmer of hope for continuing to play next here. After many years of playing Jesus is in it to win it for the big game!

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