Whether you decorate too much or too little, it doesn't matter because at least you're showing spirit. I will say whoever thought of these 15 lazy ways to decorate is pure genius. You definitely feel the same as me if you come from a family that decorates like Clark Griswold. You can tell who really puts in the effort when it comes to decorating for Christmas. The ones who go above and beyond are the ones that light up the entire block in your neighborhood. I give mad props to anyone who likes to use a lot of Christmas decorations. It is a lot of work when the holidays are over because of everything you put up eventually must come down. Recently I saw the video above which shows you 15 lazy ways to show your jolly side without being a Grinch. Plus if you're a busy elf like me these Christmas decoration ideas sure do come in handy. Thank goodness for Happy Popcorn for giving out these lazy Christmas decorating tips!

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