It had rained for several days and would continue to rain for several more. On August 1st, 2006 over a year's worth of rain ... 10 inches ... fell in one day.  We weren't ready.

Storm 2006 damn near sank El Paso and the entire region. We even had to pack up the KLAQ bbq and move it indoors during the weeks of rain. Some couldn't leave their homes. Others lost theirs.

The Rio Grande, normally just a trickle through here, became a real, raging river reaching it's highest level since 1912.  (Similar rains in Louisiana caused rivers to overflow and flood the levees. Our levees broke and flooded the river! And everywhere else.) Roadways, bridges, and buildings were washed away.  Parts of Anthony and Chaparral were evacuated.  Shelters were set up for residents who no longer had anywhere to go. For official storm data, click here.

It was CRAZY!  We have heavy rains here occasionally but, nothing like the insanity of Summer '06.  Don't believe it was really that bad? Watch the videos...


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