"Schitt's Creek" is one of my favorite shows. I originally started binge-watching it last year and, to my surprise, I went through the entire four seasons that were available on Netflix quickly. By the time the fifth season landed on Netflix, I felt like I was part of the Rose family.

Now that "Schitt's Creek" has gotten so much recognition after their Emmy win, I feel like I sound like a broken record because for a year now I've been telling people they NEED to watch this show! So far, I've only gotten my sister on board. Now that they've broken Emmy history winning NINE Emmy's in total, I think it's the perfect time for other's to jump on the bandwagon.  Now is an especially great time because Netflix has announced that the sixth and final season of the Canadian sitcom will be arriving on the streaming platform on October 7th! You totally have enough time to catch up!

"Schitt's Creek" follows the Rose family that consists of dad Johnny Rose (played by Eugene Levy), mom Moira Rose (played by Catherine O'Hara), son David Rose (played by Eugene's real son Daniel Levy) and daughter Alexis Rose (played by Annie Murphy). The Rose family lived a comfortable, wealthy life- Johnny Rose being a successful video store magnate and Moira Rose a former soap opera star, until they lose their fortune by being defrauded by their business manager. Their only remaining asset is a small town named "Schitt's Creek" that Johnny actually bought for his son David as a joke. The sitcom follows as they learn to navigate their new life and try to regain their wealth while having interesting interactions with the very charming townspeople. If you don't feel like watching all 66 episodes before the final 14 hit Netflix, check out below for the 11 episodes I think you should definitely watch to catch you up!

  • 1

    Wine & Roses

    Season 1, Episode 6

    The first season has the show finding its footing and this one is where you really get a look at who the family is. Moira gets hired to do a wine commercial and you're fully introduced to the great accent Moira has that has become iconic.

  • 2

    Town For Sale

    Season 1, Episode 13

    The season one finale finds the Rose family excited and packing as they prepare to sell the town and finally regain some of their fortune, but not everything goes according to plan.

  • 3

    Family Dinner

    Season 2, Episode 2

    This episode gives us one of the best scenes ever. This episode navigates the family having a typical day in Schitt's Creek.

  • 4

    Happy Anniversary

    Season 2, Episode 13

    It's Johnny and Moira's anniversary and the mayor of Schitt's Creek -Roland Schitt- and his wife Jocelyn decide to treat the Rose's to an anniversary dinner where they run into some old friends. The old friends decide to make fun of Schitt's Creek and the Rose's decide to defend their new home and the people that live in it. The season 2 finale ends with the Rose family dancing together.

  • 5

    The Throuple

    Season 3, Episode 2

    Stevie (my favorite character) and David try to navigate their three-way relationship with a hunk. Johnny finds himself working at the cafe to help out Twyla (who is played by Eugene's real daughter Sarah Levy) and Alexis and Moira try to have some mother daughter time.

  • 6

    Grad Night

    Season 3, Episode 13

    This one is probably my FAVORITE episode. Everyone has a busy day- It's David's birthday, Johnny & Stevie aim to have the entire hotel booked, Moira has a singing gig with her ensemble the Jazzagirls leaving Alexis alone for her high school graduation. It's a heartwarming episode and it's also David & Patrick's first date.

  • 7

    Open Mic

    Season 4, Episode 6

    David prepares to open the store and to drum up business, Patrick decides on an open mic which is where we get the best rendition of "Simply the Best".

  • 8

    Singles Week

    Season 4, Episode 12

    This is Alexis' time to shine as she hosts "Singles Week" in Schitt's Creek. The Schitt family welcomes a new member and David & Patrick take their relationship to the next level.

  • 9

    Merry Christmas, Johnny Rose

    Season 4, Episode 13

    Johnny hopes for an old fashioned Rose Christmas party but everyone has trouble getting into the spirit.

  • 10

    The Hike

    Season 5, Episode

    David and Patrick go on a hike. I can't put a video of this one because it would be a spoiler but it's a very heartwarming episode full of laughs.

  • 11

    Life is a Cabaret

    Season 5, Episode 14

    It’s Opening Night for Cabaret and Stevie is nowhere to be found. David tries to make a big announcement, but keeps getting overshadowed by the musical.