It's almost over, today is the LAST day to win a trip to see the Twins Of Evil ...

If you want a shot at seeing Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie live in Dallas, listen today for the last 2 chances!  I'll play Marilyn and Rob for you at about 11:45am and then Ronson plays the LAST double shortly before 4pm!  

As we've counted down the last few days of this AWESOME contest, I've also been counting down my favorite Zombie videos.  (Couldn't do my favorite song because, 1 .. there's too many of them and .. 2 .. they haven't all had videos made.)

See the first 2 here and here.   I chose "American Witch" as my numero uno because it's a great example of what you're in for if you win this sucka!  Enjoy and good luck today!  \m/