Read the story behind the song by Devour The Day and check out the lyric video.Great musicians write from the heart.  When that heart has been crushed, you wind up with some pretty powerful music.  The new track from Devour The Day is called "Move On".  Exactly what Devour The Days' guitarist, Joey Chicago, found himself having to do not so long ago.

First, the story as told by Joey himself:

I remember myself standing outside of a downtown Chicago apartment, freezing in the snow without socks or shoes, waiting on a ride from anyone that would come get me. I had just been removed from my house the police, in front of my crying children. My wife, who I discovered was having an affair with her drug dealer, was screaming and hurling hatred at me, to combat her guilt, as the officers and apartment staff pulled me into the elevator. As I stood there in the snow, chained to my confusion and pain, I received a call. John, the singer of the band I had put ten years of hard work into, was quitting. No real explanation, just the end. Everything was over.

I had discovered my wife’s infidelity at 7AM, and by 9AM, my marriage, my home and my career were over. I was empty. I watched my breath as it hit the frozen air and drift away. But I was still alive. After months of hurting in a way only those of us who have experienced real tragedy would, I remembered that simple fact: I was still alive.

I wanted to write a song about that moment, when you stop crying and hurting and feeling bad for yourself. The instant when you stop allowing everything that has been piled on you, to crush and destroy you. After all that devastation, I had two choices. I could let the circumstances overcome and conquer me, I could let this swallow me whole or I could refuse and keep fighting. I would not give in. I will move on. That is honestly what the song personally means to me. Nothing better than the truth. - Joey Chicago

Anyone out there reading this that's going through their own personal sh**storm, take heart.  Joeys back and kicking ass ... so can you!  Be strong and "Move On".