So, you've been thinking about that new, top-of-the-line mobile to impress your friends, but think the iPhone and Galaxy 900000000 crowd will still look down on you? Here's another option for you, if you're willing to part with $9,600 (starting price) for a Vertu phone. It's the shiznit, sort of.

They're all hand-made, with screens made of sapphire crystal that's grown over two weeks to make the screen. Buttons and bearings are made of rubies, ceramic and kryptonite, apparently. The body is made of titanium, so it's not only lighter and harder than steel...but A LOT MORE EXPENSIVE.

Oh, and if you want a demo phone to play're S.O.L. But the phones do come with one year of concierge service to help you with your next trip to the Swiss Alps. Book your own flight? Ain't nobody got time fo dat!