Ok, it's a day late ... sue me.  Just kidding, I intended to finish this one at home yesterday and my internet connection decided to make me go WTF??  Not sure what happened there, but I'm back today!  Indulging oral fixations to make up for my tardiness:

We begin with a tooth fairy that's probably living on the street after this payoff.  32k!  For 1 tooth!!  (A really old tooth at that!!!)  Granted, it was from under John Lennons pillow.  That would explain why a handful of change didn't do the job, but c'mon ... really??  Not only is this overly indulgent (you could have fed a starving kid for a decade with that.  Or bought me a Harley!), it's also kinda gross. 

Gimme some "tooth" via msn.com

Not WTF-ing strange enough? All right .. moving right along ...

Wanna buy some kid spit?  Quality stuff dude, limited time offer though ...

I remember hearing as a kid that some people would let their young 'uns hang out with chicken pox-ated kids in the hopes that they would catch it as well.  (For some reason, this makes sense.  I guess because it isn't as potentially dangerous among the young or is less likely to wreck your "family" plans in later life or something.)  Buying tainted spit though seems a little over the top to me!  

Folks these days don't want to wait for ANYTHING!  People are arranging "pox parties" (any excuse to have a few drinks huh??) and ... weirder still ... selling kid spit on line!?!?

(By the way; even if you can be sure it's pure "uncut" spit, it still may not work.  The disease typically has to be inhaled to be contracted!!)

Read more about the pox and self inflicting techniques ... apparently they even throw parties! ... here from yahoo.com

One more!  As long as we're using our mouths today, here's the one guaranteed .. GUARANTEEEEED ... to make you say it ...