WTF Wednesday returns with a back to school tip; know your rock trivia!

Whether your school district is El Paso, Ysleta, Socorro, Gadsen or anywhere else; check this out!

According to a story at; a student was recently penalized for (supposedly) giving credit for The Whos "Behind Blue Eyes" to Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit instead of The Who. 


Assuming this is true .... check out a screen shot of the teacher bragging about the grade on facebook ... that teacher is a total douche!

Teachers should never allow their personal pet peeves, hangups, prejudices or anything else about themselves to interfere with their classroom approach. 

I've heard from the children of my friends .. as well as my own .. of teachers only awarding extra credit to fans of their favorite teams.  Or of harder assignments being given to students who disagree with them over the best music/movie/college/actor/athlete, etc.

All kinds of things where opinions may ... make that most certainly WILL ... differ.

(I know that some of these stories are definitely true so I don't really have any trouble believing this one about The Who.)

Going beyond the fact that teachers have no business subjecting students to their personal beliefs; this one may also have falsely accused the student.  The article doesn't specify what the student wrote. 

If the statement in question went like this;

As Fred Durst sings in Behind Blue Eyes; "No one knows what it's like to be the sad man"

it isn't neccesarily wrong.

He doesn't say Fred wrote it, only that those are the words Fred sings.

We clearly need a little more info here to decide whether or not the quote was misattributed. 

Getting back to the students penalty ... and the reasoning behind it though ... WTF?