A new study has shown which of the sexes is more likely to snoop through their partner's phone. The results may surprise you.

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I will admit I have snooped through my man's phone and I am not ashamed to admit that. Mostly because I never did it until they gave me a reason to think they weren't telling the truth. Even then, I would wouldn't go through everything in my guy's phone, instead just look for anything that looked fishy. I really don't need to go through his buddy's text messages and see all the stupid football references they can come up with within a day of texts.

In a new British survey, more than double the amount of men admitted that they would snoop through their girl's phone. Only a third of women said they would go through their man's phone, compared to the THREE-FIFTHS of men who said yes.

Men, would you do the same thing? I think most men wouldn't do that because mostly the effort. Plus I am rarely without my phone, ever. My man would have to distract me with a shoe sale or something and hold my purse. Which I don't think many men would want to do in public anyways.