This lady has he worst luck .. or the worst lawyer .. ever.  She's done more time behind bars than some of the critters at the El Paso zoo!

Shermain Miles is a 52 year old ex-con from Chicago. (Why does this happening in Chicago not surprise me?)  Shermain has been arrested 396 times for everything from disorderly conduct, to theft, to assaulting a city councilman.  Granted, I think we've all considered that last one a time or two but she actually did it and bought herself a year in the slammer.

That year in jail was pretty much the longest Shermain has ever gone without getting arrested.  Think about it, 396 busts works out to around 11 times a year.  This bee-atch gets popped once a month!!

Shermain blames her "issues" on drugs and alcohol and says she is now ready to clean up and live right!  What I want to know is; when was she out of jail long enough to get drunk or high?