The Jodi Arias trial is finally about to reach the climax with us finally knowing if she will spending her life in prison, or will be put to death. The more I hear about how obsessed people are with this trial, the more I find myself asking the question: why is everyone so intrigued by it?


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    Jodi is Gorgeous

    This point isn't hard to see. Jodi is a statuesque, beautiful, bleach blonde California girl. She seems like the sweet girl next door who guys would fall over eachother just to get a chance to talk to her. No one can understand why she would do what she did for one man. There are men all over the country who even now would date her, knowing she killed her ex boyfriend.

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    Her Changing Stories

    First she has no idea, then she saw but was told to shut up, then she did it but it wasn't her fault. Her story keeps changing over and over again to the point you can't help but wonder is she crazy? Or does she truly think all of her differing versions of the "truth" are still good enough to save her?

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    She's a Chameleon

    She can be sweet and charming, then calculating and intelligent, then immature and idiotic. She behavior keeps changing with everyday of the trial which makes you want to tune in, just to see what her next personality will be in the courtroom.

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    The Brutality of the Murder

    I'm not saying that one death is more important than the other, or more horrible, but the way that Travis was murdered and the brutality she used on him is astounding. To not only stab him 27 times, but to slit his throat, then shoot him once he's dead, shows this isn't a normal murder. This is someone that had so much anger and hatred inside her it came bubbling to the surface in one of the most violent and horrible ways possible.

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    Life In Prison Or Death?

    This has to be the biggest reason people are now watching. Nancy Grace isn't the only one getting chills now from the idea that she may pay the ultimate price for her crime. With her life.

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