I made a bet last week with Program Director Kevin Vargas.  That's him on the left. Little known fact: Kevin Vargas was born with a disability. He is a disembodied hand, like Cousin Itt from the Addams Family.

You're probably wondering what the bet was.

I bet Kevin that at 27.50 and 37.50 ticket prices they wouldn't sell a hundred tickets to the Price is Right- El Paso.  I mean, it's not the televised version. Drew Carey's not going to be there. Rod Roddy's not even going to be there! Actually, that's probably for the best. Rod hasn't been as good of an announcer since he passed away in 2003.

I just didn't believe that people in El Paso, who would rather make their girlfriends walk 10 blocks in stiletto heels rather than pay the 5 bucks to park at Union Plaza (this is true. I've seen girls in eff-me pumps hoofing it from Sunbowl Drive at 11 pm on a Saturday night)....would ever pay that kind of money to go to the un-televised, Drew Carey-less version of The Price is Right.

Well, in just three days they sold over 600 tickets. So, I had to buy Kevin Vargas a bottle of tequila.  Thanks a lot, El Paso.  I've finally figured out what it takes to get this town excited.  Next week I'm hosting my own version of Press Your Luck.  No, Peter Tomarken will not be there and, yes, it will cost you $37.50 to attend. Suckers!