There were certainly enough contenders, but who was truly the biggest douche to appear with Leno?Producer Dave Berg was on the set with Leno for years and has written a book about it.

According to him:

Ex - President Clinton got a $12,000 tandem bike but returned it because his wife was a senator and he couldn't accept expensive gifts.  (I say he sent it back because tandem bikes are built for two.  Would you want to ride a bike with Hillary?)

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Quentin Tarantino was wasted, (apparently everyone was), Eddie Murphy had an entire page of stuff for his 45 minutes on site, Dennis Rodman was always late and Christian Bale refused to appear because they asked questions about where he grew up.

According to, Berg says the "Biggest Diva" award could go to either actress Teri Hatcher or singer/fashion designer Jessica Simpson.

Simpson wanted Leno's crew to pay $18,000 to have her hair and makeup done. Hatcher was bumped so the POTUS could appear and she demanded a super expensive Louis Vuitton handbag as an apology gift.  (She got flowers.)

They should book me for this thing.  All I want is an 18 pack of Coors Light and a little cooler to keep it in.  If they bump me for the President though, I want a Harley!