Do you love taking online quizzes? well we have a NEW quiz all about the KLAQ morning show! Which MoSho DJ are you most like?

The KLAQ Morning show has four very different people from the muscular Mando Medina to the always-there-for-a-deal Fernando Cuevas. Who do you think you are most like on the morning show? Take our quiz and find out which DJ you are most like? But beware, you may not like the results, Lauren our local computer babe was VERY surprised by her results. Go ahead and take our quiz, it is only 5 questions and you can see who your secret Morning Show alter-ego is!

Keep checking because we will be adding more local, El Paso quizzes. What would you like to see in a new quiz? Comment below and let us know! We can start making them as soon as we get in the ideas!