Since day one, there have been people hating on the idea of a Triple-A team in El Paso. From the team we were getting, to the location of the Ballpark and even to the unveiling of the mascot there have been those who have had their complaints.

However, are the haters slowly disappearing? Now don't get me wrong, there are plenty still out there but pretty much everyone I have spoken to, have said that they'er highly impressed with the stadium and the environment at the Chihuahua's games.

My thing is if you were in support of the organization or not, it's here now and part of El Paso.....and honestly I think is probably the best thing to happen to El Paso in my lifetime.

Now these "Haters" said that people wouldn't go to these game but so far there have only been 2 games that haven't sold out. They also said that parking and traffic would be a mess, so far I have had no problems at all.(Shout out to the PD for great traffic control) And as for the "ridiculous" mascot choice..... well looks like El Pasoans are warming up to Chico, because I see chihuahua gear all over the city.

So I guess my real question is, Where The Haters At? and what are you going to complain about now?