Mans best friend sure doesn't act like it sometimes!

Whether you are at work today or school or just being a bum at home, you've earned a break!  Here are a couple of videos for you to waste some time with.  It's even more fun when it's company time you're wasting!  Just sayin ...

The first one is 53 seconds worth of animal misbehavior.  The one at about :35 seconds in and the double whammy at around :19 seconds are my favorites!

Funny stuff huh?  If you think those were great, watch this little guy get "gang dropped" by a bunch of puppies.

You just know the kid isn't going to grow up to be a veterinarian after that.

Ok, ok ... two more!

It's not only dogs that are sometimes out to get us.

Elephants get in on the action to sometimes!

And, finally ...

Cats can be little a-holes to when they want to be!

Now, get back to work!  :)