You (or your Mom, aunt, sister, bff, whoever) may make a mean pumpkin pie but, I bet there's no pumpkin in it!

I never really thought about the ingredients in a pumpkin pie. Pumpkin, (you would think), some seasonings, flour, etc and that's about it. Spray on a little whipped cream and you're ready to rock!  Not so peeps.  Our whole lives have been a sham, every pie an imposter. Our Moms and Abuelitas lied to us.  There is no pumpkin in pumpkin pie!!

According to celebrity Chef Michael Chiarello

"It's not pumpkin at all. It's blue hubbard squash."

Chef Michael says he once tried to make a pumpkin pie from scratch and that's when he learned that pumpkin is actually fibrous, stringy and doesn't taste they way most think it does.  Plus, those bad boys take hours to peel.  (For you die hard, "I must make things from scratch" folks, he says to use butternut squash.)

Eat well folks!  Have a beer or two, catch the game and enjoy your squash pie!!

(Doesn't sound quite as appetizing that way does it?)