Ever sit at home and think, "Man I really wish they still made ______. I'd stuff my face with it right now!" No? Is that just me. Well, here's some items that they don't make anymore I wish they'd bring back.

  • 1

    Sour Altoids

    I usually don't like sour candy but the Sour Altoids, especially the orange were just far too delicious to say no to!

  • 2

    Nestle Wonderball

    I really didn't even care about what was inside the ball, I just liked biting into a giant ball of chocolate. It looked cool.

  • 3


    This was the child's version of an Oreo. You got the cookie goodness and could put as much creamy amazing frosting/cream whatever that as you want. I'm getting hungry just thinking about them. I guess I'll have to survive using Teddy Grahams and a tub of frosting.

  • 4

    Oreo's Cereal

    This was sugar coated crack back in the day. Does anyone know if it even has any nutritional value? I think this cereal was made by dentists to boost their business.

  • 5

    Sprite Remix

    This drink was delicious and refreshing. Like liquid, fizzy skittles in my mouth. I miss you so much!