Have you ever seen the video of a young boy on the Jenny Jones show? The video went viral, with everyone from Conservative Christians to young teenagers getting teary eyed by the way the young boy's voice cracks. But the real question everyone wants to know, whatever happened to the little boy in the video?

This video was posted by the Youtube user eastcoastwhat about two years ago. He said he found the video on an old VHS tape at his house. Only the small snippet of the actual conversation was what he decided to put on Youtube and form there, you can't see what the little boy's name is or his mother's.

The drill instructor in this video is Sergeant Raymond Moses, who ran the About Face Boot Camp until it closed in 2013. His brother actually emailed some curious fans who wanted to know what happened to the little boy in this video. Raymond's brother responded with this:

I'm the brother of Raymond Moses, and I got the email because I was his webmster.
After 10 years of helping young boys and girls, each with their own sad stories, he closed the camp down in 2013 to take on a new adventure.
If I remember right, the Jenny Jones show would pay for Raymond to come out and tape in Chicago, but they never paid to send any of the children to his camp.
One of my favorite quotes from my brother about the kids at his camp: "They cry when they arrive, and then they cry again when its time to go back home". During that 10 years he probably had kids from almost every state. His camp was in North Carolina, and he load them on a bus and take them to parks, mountain hikes, rodeos and community events. He did what he could to improve the lives of over 1000 children.
That footage is at least 10 years old, so that little boy is in his twenties now.
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The Other Moses

After going to Sergeant Moses for answers, the next person to contact is Jenny Jones. On her website, JennyJones.com, she has answered the question many internet folks are wondering, whether or not she knows what happened to this little boy. Here is Jenny's response:

Regarding the “SADDEST BOY EVER” video, I’m sorry to say I have not been able to locate him. I’ve looked at whatever show records I have and cannot find that exact show or any names. I have also reached out to former producers but no one has been able to help. We routinely paid to send boys to boot camp but this boy would have been too young to go. I have put out word at every opportunity that if anyone recognizes this family from the video to please contact me through this website, on my facebook page, or my youtube channel. So far no one has claimed to know them or to be them. I, too, would love to know how this little boy is doing today (he would be an adult by now). I do hear from quite a few former guests with updates on their lives but never this family. I’m aware that the video has been seen by millions of people but there is nothing else I can do to find him. I’m still hoping someone will recognize him or his mother and contact me. I would be thrilled if that happens and will certainly share the information if it ever comes.

On that same blog, a fan named Dennis gave another update from Sergeant Moses. Dennis lives in the same town as Moses, and he said Sergeant Moses and the boy lost touch a few years ago and he doesn't know what happened to him. Also, to find the name of the boy (now young adult) the episodes of the Jenny Jones show are owned by Telepictures, who own all the episodes and the records of all the guests. Jenny said she tried to contact Telepictures to get more information on the boy and was told the records were in storage and they couldn't get them out. To be honest, it sounds like the information could be retrieved, but people aren't putting in the effort.

There is all the information the public knows on the whereabouts of the saddest boy ever. Hopefully, one day in the future, we will find out what happened to the saddest boy ever.