The Morning Show is interviewing Cowboys Wide Receiver Dez Bryant for the 600 ESPN Sports and Get Fit Expo thats happening this Sunday At Sunland Park Racetrack and Casino. For some reason, they included me on the list of interviewers with the rest of the boys. This made me think, what would an interview with just me be like?


We all know I completely zone out when they discuss sports in depth. The number of sport celebrities I know I could count with my fingers and toes. And even that is stretching it. So I started thinking what would an interview with only Lisa be like? Here are a few questions I think I would have to ask:

1. Do you throw the ball or catch it?

2. Do you run towards the other team or away from them?

3. Do you have any tattoos and what do they mean?

4. Do you make touchdowns?

5. What IS a touchdown?

6. Do you play futbol or football? And how big is the difference?

7. Do you watch Walking Dead?

8. What is your favorite color?

9. What size shoe do you wear?

10. Do you watch workaholics?

That is a small taste of what an interview with me would be like. As you can tell, it is stimulating and has so much to do with football. Or futbol. Whichever it is that he plays.