So, working in New York City, I'm pretty used to seeing things considered out of the ordinary. Yesterday was no exception as I spotted a homeless fellow sitting on the side of Fifth Avenue with a cat at his feet. Not only did the cat not run away, but it was wearing some sort of military jacket.

I obviously needed to get photographic evidence of this phenomenon, so I crouched down and asked the hobo fellow if I could take a photo. He said no. I then asked, "If I give you money, can I take a picture?" That changed his tune and he agreed.

I got these pictures and asked the man about the cat. He told me the cat's name is Jeremiah and that he doesn't run away because he communicates with him telepathically. Of course. The hobo, whose name I didn't catch told me, "People be thinking they can communicate with animals -- dogs, cats, blind people's dogs -- physically. But they can't! You can't do that! That's never gonna work. You gotta talk to them telepathically." Right on, dude.

Anyway, I present to you: Jeremiah, the jacket-wearing, hobo companion of a NYC cat: