If you would like to see the big game, you're not entirely out of luck ... yet.

We don't even know who's playing who in this years Super Bowl and tickets are already hard to find.  They have been for awhile now and future bowls are also at or near sell - outs.

A story at yahoo.com says somewhere around 50% of the tickets aren't even allocated until about this time of year, roughly one month before the game!  Plus, sites like Craigslist and ticket brokers such as stubhub, also make tickets easier to get for the "little guy", though they are pricey. (Ok, make that ridiculously freakin' expensive.)  According to the New York Post, prices for this years game "cheap seats" are $500 and bids are expected to open for them at $2,200!  (Forget the suites, those are ranging from $330k to $550k.)


Photo, Getty Images

They are out there though, but be careful.  Many sellers are scammers or they do not actually have the tickets you're trying to buy.  Here are a few tips for you last minute ticket seekers.

**Watch for super low prices.  If the average ticket is $2k and someone only wants $1k or less, it's probably a scam.

**Do your homework.  Don't buy from some Mom n Pop set up or Ihave cheaptickets.com. Run a few google searches, look around official NFL sites and stick to known ticket outlets like ticketmaster.com, etc.

**Be sure they have the tickets.  Some people arrange buys before they purchase tickets hoping they'll be able to.  If your seller doesn't have a fixed site where you can meet or wants to meet you a day or two before the game, heads up!

**Have the tickets before you travel.  Don't plan to meet someone or pick them up when you get there unless a licensed agency has confirmed that they are at will call for you!

Also, keep this in mind.  This years game may not even happen due to major winter storms predicted to strike the New York area that weekend.

Buy wisely my friends!