The smell of rotting flesh, the moans of hungry walkers and the girly screaming of frightened guests are just a few things coming to Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Orlando Resort, this September.

AMC's hit series, The Walking Dead, will come to life in these locations as part of Universal's Halloween Horror Nights. Starting September 20th, these two theme parks will be transformed into a living nightmare! Both parks will be creating a Walking Dead themed maze but all the scare zones throughout the Universal Orlando park will be designed after scenes from the past seasons of The Walking Dead! This means, even when you think you're just walking to the bathroom, a zombie might be around the corner to scare you into going right where you stand.

The entire theme parks are going to be turned into one big haunted area, filled with mazes and houses inspired by some of Hollywood's greatest horror films. If you love horror and haunted houses, you really need to make a trip out to one of these parks!

Going to one of these Halloween Horror Nights is something I need to do before I die! I am a complete nerd and will watch all the videos of the Universal haunted houses and mazes they have already done and pretend I am going through them. Sad, I know but what do you want this broke college student to do?

Universal has slowly been releasing the horror inspirations for this year's attractions. So far they have confirmed they will be created houses and a maze inspired by The Cabin in the Woods, The Walking Dead and Evil Dead. I am a huge fan of two of these horror classics, so I am bummed I can't make it out there!

One day, I plan to make it out to one of these Halloween Horror Nights. Until then, I will just watch video's like these alone in a corner.