Another week and another battle of beautiful chi-chis. Your winner for last week won by a HUGE margin. Check out that photo below as well as all the lovely chi-chis battling it out this week.

Let’s give a big round of applause for last week’s winner! What’s that? Your hands are busy doing something else? Well, that’s understandable. You can just stare at them instead.



Now it’s time to check out this week’s bunch of chi-chis and cast your vote! You can vote daily, by the way. Just another excuse to look at these lovely lady lumps more than once.

Lovely Chis
Zippy Chis
Purple Chis
Yankee Chis
Red Chis
Lacy chis

In case you’re not keep a tally, that’s SEVEN pairs of chi-chis in one post. I just blew your mind, El Paso. Boom.

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