Scott “the chi-chi king” Ronson has another group of lovely lady lumps for you to vote on this week. Check them out and tell us whose chi-chis deserve to be called the “Sexiest Chi-Chis of Last Week!" These Chi-Chis are almost perfect in every way.

First, we have our winner for the previous week. I'm Next Chis received over 70% of the votes in last week’s poll. I would love to be next!!


So let’s move on to the battle of the chi-chis this week.

First off is “Stretch'n Chis". Those are as beautiful as ever.


Up next is “Fish Net Chis,” Reminds Ronson so much of fishin up north!


Our third competitor is “Peek Chis.” Come on buttons, POP!!!!


Forth, we’ve got “Holy Moly Chis,” Do I really need to explain?


Next, enjoy "Oh LA LA Chis"  This is what dreams are made of!


Last but not least we have "Shaaaaaa Bang Chis"