El Paso band Murder FM just keep kicking ass!

I've known Norman and the guys forever and I am totally stoked about their newest effort.  Watching this band grow and develop has been a blast (it's also resulted in a few hangovers) and I love the fact that they are getting closer and closer to the proverbial "top"!! 

The song "Twisted Love Story" broke on Q Connected awhile back and now the video has had it's debut as well! 

It features Natalie Dickinson from the movie "Crushed" as well as footage from the movie itself that looks to be every bit as creepy as I've always known the MurderFM-ers to be!  :)

Singer Norman Matthew told me this about it:

"Twisted Love Story" was one of the most fun Murder FM videos to make combined with scenes from the movie "Crushed".  The two worlds fit together almost tooo well ... It's eerie! So Patrick Johnson, director of "Crushed", offered full access to his movie to our director Benny Ontiveros and we were given free reign on how we wanted to tie it all together. Because it was a mirror image of the story I had in my mind when writing it! I knew Natalie Dickinson because her son is one of my Zounds Sounds guitar students and she was the one that brought the movie and the single together, it's really epic"

Check it out!

Murder FM are definitely NOT El Pasos freaky little secret anymore!  They've taken their music ... and a little touch of El Paso ... beyond the Borderland and even outside The United States! 

Here they are being interviewed "across the pond" on MetalGods TV about a year ago!

Hopefully, they'll come rock us at home again soon.  When that day comes, you'll hear about it first on El Pasos best rock!