Tomorrow morning is day 2 of our "What Would You Do to Win Our Green Day Tickets" contest. At 8 am, a young man named Nick will be coming into the studio to re-enact a great moment in Youtube viralness (virality?).

The original incident occurred back in October of last year at a Cleveland Browns tailgate party when a presumably drunken  Browns fan agreed to dunk his head into a plastic bucket that other tail-gaiters had been using throughout the day as a urinal.

His agreed upon price for this feat was $450.  Nick will be doing the same stunt for a pair of tickets to see Green Day Wednesday night at Tricky Falls. Price for the two tickets: $102 plus service charge.

Click, below to see the original video that will be emulated tomorrow on the air.



There will be only one major difference when Nick re-enacts this stunt tomorrow. That video was in Cleveland in October when the temperatures were in the 40's. Tomorrow, the bucket Nick will be dunking his head into will be full of lukewarm, room-temperature pee.

Like this but pee-ier.

This is pee that has been collected over the weekend from KLAQ's on-air staff and sales department.

Nick will probably be flammable for at least 4 days.