All I ever hear on online gaming is the most disturbing language used to insult other players or their mommas. If you are one of those people who like to curse out anyone you are playing with, you might want to watch out when playing NBA 2K14. This video is NSFW!

YouTube user randomfrankp was filming his gameplay, like many other people who take their gaming seriously on his new XBox One, when he was penalized for dropping an F-Bomb. In the video below, you can hear him getting upset over a play and immediately receives a technical foul. Of course, he gets even more upset but is also shocked that you can get penalized in a fictional game for your use of language.

I would be upset if I can't curse in my own house after paying $500 bucks and giving my soul to XBox. Has this happened to you? Not sure if this only happens when you use the Kinect and Xbox One, so if any PS4 users know, tell me about it!