I'm always looking at my house and thinking of all the different ways I could make it look better. I love interior decorating and with the prizes in our Seize the Deal auction, you could revamp your house into your dream home!


  • 1

    Azure Sports Spa

    Now can I get a hot tub?! No but really, with our Seize the Deal auction you can from Tidal Wave Spas and Pools Supplies. Imagine how much better the cold winter nights could be if you could invite over a lady friend to get in your hot tub. Click here to check out this auction!

  • 2

    LG Art Cool Air Conditioner

    Especially during the past couple weeks, this muggy air outside really makes it hard for an evaporative air unit to cool you down. The best thing to do would be to win this auction from Scott Contracting and not only cool down, this air unit also has a cool panel to display pictures or artwork on. Functional AND trendy!

  • 3

    Reclining Sofa and Loveseat

    The Seize the Deal auction also has an amazing opportunity from National Furniture Liquidators to win a a really nice black leather sofa and loveseat. Imagine the movie nights you could have with all your friends using them. Or for your sports fans, the football watching parties. The best part? The couch is leather so when your friends spill, it wipes away easily.

  • 4

    Dining Room Set

    I love having people over for dinner and having get togethers, but my dining room table only seats four. If you have this same problem, you will want to check out this dining room set from National Furniture Liquidators. It is a beautiful seven piece dining room set that could improve any dining room!

  • 5

    New Bedroom Set

    The bedroom is where the magic happens, where it all goes down, the work area, add another dumb line in here. But it is where a lot of people spend their time. I usually watch tv, sleep, blog, and sometimes eat in my bed. So it makes sense to have it be decorated in a way you can be proud of! National Furniture Liquidators is auctioning off a beautiful 5 piece bedroom set that includes a dresser, mirror, nightstand, and a three piece queen size bed. A total bedroom transformation in one!