Tons of amazing superheroes have been created throughout the years and have been equipped with awesome superpowers. Some heroes are idolized like Superman for the powers they use to save the day, while others are made into jokes like Aquaman. If you had the opportunity to be given one superpower, what would you choose?

I doubt this is the first time you have thought about what superpower you would choose. If I could come up with a power, I would want the ability to make others crap themselves. It's the most evil idea ever. My second choice would be a super burp like this girl.

Luckily, someone created a website where nerds can unite to share their superpower ideas. The Superpower List allows visitors to submit their own original superpower ideas to share with others. This site even categorized the powers by most wanted and least wanted.

These are the  top 5 most wanted superpowers.

  1. Tele-Automation -The ability to control any orderly process via telekinesis 
  2. Imagination Manifestation -The ability to manifest your imagination into a physical being only you can see.
  3. Advanced Regeneration - The ability to regenerate bodily damaged
  4. Grandmaster of All -The ability to be extremely good at everything
  5. Radiation Immunity - The ability to be immune to any kind of harmful radiation
Don't know who came up with these weird ones but here are the top 5 least wanted powers.
  1. Ovium Mimicry - Ability to do nothing
  2. Suicidal Family - Ability to have the entire suicidal family
  3. The Muppet Family: Thig Fear - Ability to make people fear and hate mascots
  4. Cheesy Feet - Ability to grow cheese between your toes
  5. Suicidal: Anger Explosion - Ability to explode when you get mad
Check out the rest of the list and see some of the most ridiculous powers people have submitted. My favorite would have to be CrackTart, which is the ability to cook pop tarts in your butt crack.