It’s a day to be brave and eat something from way back in the refrigerator.

Scott Ronson

OK, first and foremost, There ain't no way on this earth I am about to put this crap I found in the WAY back of the KLAQ fridge in my mouth.

BTW, someone must have known it was "Let's See What We Find In the Fridge Day" because someone cleaned the hell out of it. I have never seen this fridge so clean!

I don't have a clue what the brown crap is but the white stuff on the lid is frickin ice.

OK, friends, If you are at work or you are at home, open up that fridge door and look in the WAY back, Grab something that has been in there longer then you have owned the fridge, take a picture of it (taste it if you dare) then send your photos to

El Paso, what is the  craziest thing you have ever found in the WAY back of your fridge?

This one came from a listener. Can you see the president?

Wonder if they tasted it??