All of us remember playing kickball sometime in our childhood, either at school, camp or just with other neighborhood kids. Well the game that we loved as a kid, is now attracting people from all over El Paso, including myself to take part in a co-ed adult kickball league.

Every Thursday night, teams from El Paso Kickball (EPK) gather at Modesto Park to compete and to socialize. Now I know most of you think kickball is just an easy kids game, however the games do get intense, put it this way the games tend to bring out the best or the worst of the average persons skills. You'll have grown a** individuals running into each other, teammates yelling at each other, arguments over various plays, kinda like in elementary, it's actually quite entertaining.

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Now, the best part of this particular league (EPK) is that each week there is a theme, for instance last week was crazy socks and this week is Mexican pride for Cinco de Mayo, the team that participates and voted team of the week is given points that can get them free entry fee for the following year and a 50 dollar tab at a sponsoring bar.

This is an awesome way for El Pasoans to get out, have a good time and grab a few drinks. I will be out there this weekend, so I welcome people to check out people trying to relive their playground days. For more info you could check out