I found the perfect beer fridge for my barn ... and it goes to 11!! 

I finally got my barn in order!  It is now officially the garage, rehearsal hall, storage area, man cave, shop and "whatever the hell else I can think of" area I've always wanted!!

All it needs is a fridge to keep my Coors Light mountains blue (not "clouded over" like the Franklin Mountains .... is windy season freakin' over yet??) and hold a few Big Al's Wings and Suds leftovers.  Just as I was about to go buy the typical, boxy "fridge looking" refridgerator; I found this guy!!



Got that settled! Now all I need is a grill that looks like a drum set and I'm ready to rock n roll all night and party every day!  (And work of course ....... wait; that's what we do around here all day anyway.  Right; plan 'A' it is!!)

Anyone know if Barnett Harley Davidson sells motorcycle lifts that double as sofa/sleepers??