I can't wait for The Walking Dead to come back Sunday night, in the meantime let's have a little fun with the cast!

The Walking Dead returns to AMC Sunday night.  I love that show and I've been going through withdrawals ever since the last mini season ended.  (I even started carrying my crossbow around the yard with me!)

Let's take a different look at the cast now.  Same characters, just different actors.  If we replaced them all with rock stars, I think this is what we would wind up with!

AMC /Facebook: Arch Enemy

Starting with one of the shows many hotties, how about Andrea played by Angela Gossow of Arch Enemy?  Sexy and tough ... love that!

AMC/Theo Wargo: Getty Images

The resemblance between these two is almost creepy.  How about Trent Reznor from Nine Inch Nails as The Governor?

AMC/Paul Hawthorne: Getty Image

One of my favorite bass players, Frank Bello from Anthrax could pull off a pretty convincing Shane right?

AMC/Facebook: Dir en Grey

These two could almost be twins!  Glenn (Coolest name on the show by the way) played by whoever this Dir en Grey member is.

AMC / Ethan Miller, Getty Images

Everbodys favorite crossbow wielding character the scruffy Daryl could be played by the scruffy mic wielding Scott Weiland formerly of Stone Temple Pilots.

AMC/Simone Joyner: Getty Images

The kid on the show .... who is NEVER where he's supposed to be ... could be played by an adult.  Oli from Bring Me The Horizon looks youthful enough!  (Catch them March 18th at Tricky Falls!)

AMC / Lawrence Lucier: Getty Images

Carol?  Duh, Joan Jett ... totally!

AMC/Jimmy Hubbard

Another pair who may have been separated at birth. Phil Anselmo could be the menacing Merle!

AMC/ Facebook: Lamb of God

I think these two may actually be the same guy.  Think they killed off Herschel so John Campbell could get back on the road??  Fitting that a member of Lamb Of God looks the part of "the religious guy"!

AMC/ Facebook: Within Temptation

She's hot, but kind of a beeatch ... and a cheater.  Lori could be played by the very tempting Sharon den Adel of Within Temptation.

AMC / Facebook: Straight Line Stitch

Best chick on the show with a samurai sword, Michonnes' character could be handled by Alexis Brown of Straight Line Stitch. She cuts straight ... get it??

AMC/ Facebook: Halestorm

You didn't really think I'd get all the way through the female characters without giving my Lzzy a role did you?  I think the hottest Walking Dead character is Maggie so, naturally, Lzzy from Halestorm gets that role!

So, there ya' go ... The Rocking Dead!  (Some of whom probably should be dead based on their lifestyles!)  Don't forget to catch The Walking Deads' triumphant return Sunday night on AMC!