The KLAQ sneak preview is tonight and the key to you seeing it ... for free  ... is in this post!!

Tonight, we get to check out Metallicas "Through The Never" before anyone else!!  (IMAX theaters across the country get it tomorrow, regular theaters won't be showing it for another week or so.)  I still have some passes to give away today and ... at first ... I was going to make it tough to be sure a true Metallica fan won.

On the other hand, I don't want to make it impossible to win either so ... keep reading! Somewhere in this list of Metallica factoids is the answer to the question I'll be asking on air later today!  Study hard!


1)   Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich has a famous father.  Torben Ulrich was once a world class tennis player.  (Lars is apparently pretty good himself.)

2)   Lars and James have been in Metallica since the beginning but other members have changed.  (Dave Mustaine of Megadeth was also once a member!

3)   Technically speaking, Metallica have had 4 bassists. Cliff Burton played bass from the beginning until his death in '86.  Jason Newsted replaced him and Robert Trujillo is currently crab walking his way across the stage on bass.  Between Newsted and Trujillo, Bob Rock (the producer of Metallicas St. Anger) played bass on the  St. Anger cd and also played a few knock off shows with Metallica.

4)   Kirk has pretty much been in Metallica since the beginning also.  He joined just before the release of their debut "Kill 'Em All".  He also formed Exodus and once took private guitar lessons from Joe Satriani.

5)   Hetfield uses the word "yeah" so much in his lyrics, a mashup of the just the "yeahs" from all the Metallica songs was made.  It's over 3 minutes long ... listen to it here.

There you go!  One of those 5 things can get you into the sneak preview of "Through The Never" tonight.  The tickets will be given away today (9/26/13) in the noon hour.

Good luck!