We're in the red zone now ... Balloonfest is this weekend!! Over the years, we've had a lot of fun at Balloonfest. On stage and off, on air and off, behind the scenes; there's always something screwy going on. Sometimes the whole show is a gag!

For example; remember the year Beatallica rocked Wet N Wild??

They were a riot!!

For those of you that weren't there, these guys fuse songs by The Beatles and Metallica.  (The Thing That Should Not Let It Be, Garage Days Night, Hey Dude, Hero Of The Day Tripper, etc...)

Oddly enough, it's pretty damn cool!

At our show, they wore suits like The Beatles wore, but with 'bell bottoms' and they wore wigs to make them look a bit more Metallica-ish.  (The bass player even had one of those hofner basses like McCartneys'.)  The singer does James Hetfield as well as Hetfield does!  (He did one of the funniest interviews I've ever heard for us that day; shifting in and out of "Hetfield" throughout the whole thing!!)

Check 'em out below all "Sgt. Peppered" up and start getting ready for Balloonfest 2012!!  (Want Free Tickets??)

Even I'm curious as to what silliness is coming our way this year!!