2013 was totally the year of the rock hottie!

This year, moreso than any other, the girls stormed the rock n roll boys club!

There are far too many for me to hit them (no pun intended) all so, lets start with a quick nod to past rock hottness.  Remember Lita Ford?  Vixen?

Next, the 2013 "honorable mentions":

Tarja Turunun and Floor Jansen (Ex-After Forever) of Nightwish, (Back to back hotties for them, nice!!)  Alyssa White-Gluz of The Agonist and Orianthi of, well, lots of bands. Not to mention Butcher Babies.  Talk about a dream 3 way, wow. I could go on but, for now, let's stop here.  (If you want more, visit Loudwire.com!)

So who's the hottest of them all?

Strictly on the basis of hotness and talent ... plus whether or not I've ever actually hung out with them ... I picked these ladies as the front runners.  So far, none of them have asked me to go on tour with them or anything but, Lzzy did once make herself up to look like me! (Is it creepy that, even then, I STILL thought she was smokin' hot?)

Here is Dubba Gs "All I Want For Christmas is" list:

Korey n Jen from Skillet

Emily Armstrong and Siouxsie Medly of Dead Sara.  (Any chick ... I'm looking at you Siouxsie .. that rocks so hard she breaks her own rib, ya' just gotta love!)

There it is, my "Rock Hottie Starting Lineup"!  I didn't put them in any particular order though folks, that's YOUR job ... vote for your favorite below!

(Feel free to vote ... and stare at them via their links ... as often as you like!)