The band The Features will be joining the KLAQ Morning Show next week at SXSW and doing an acoustic performance! Kick ass.

In less than a week I'll be on a plane, headed to Austin to meet up with Buzz, Duke, Monster and Teresa for the South by Southwest festival.

Tons of bands will be joining the show, including Dead Sara, Foxy Shazam and now, The Features. You 'Twilight' fans may recognize their song, 'From Now On' from the 'Breaking Dawn' soundtrack. (C'mon, don't act like you're totally not on Team Edward.)

Even if sparkly vampires aren't your thing, you've probably found yourself nodding your head, tapping your foot, or if you're like me, whipping your hair, to the Ford Mustang commercial featuring their song, 'How it Starts.' Check out both songs below:

While the Morning Show crew is going to be bringing you band interviews and live performances, I'll be bringing all the behind-the-scenes action, photos, interviews and videos to you guys here on, conveniently located on our SXSW page. Is there a band you want me to hunt down like a bloodhound? Let me know by leaving a comment below!