For now, game day is February 2nd.  A typical Sunday game like the forty - some odd championships before it.

Except this year, bad weather is threatening to (potentially) force the game to be moved. The NFL have set a "weather window" of January 31st - February 3rd.

Meaning that "you know what" Sunday could become "Football Friday", "Super Saturday" or "Mega Hype Monday".  (I'm calling dibs on those terms by the way before the NFL does like they did with those 2 "Super" words we once referred to this particular "Bowl" game as. You guys totally have my permission to use my phrases should they become necessary!)

Photo, getty Images

Anyway, moving the game would really suck for those who made flight and hotel arrangements. Not to mention those working for or at the game but, mostly, it would suck for us!!

We bought beer, loaded up on chips and there's half a cow in the fridge! We have bondsmen on retainer AND we struggled through the velveeta cheese shortage riots!  Just to be (possibly...) told the game won't happen Sunday the 2nd!?!?

My advice folks and, (not for the first time), my personal plan is to make it a long weekend. Take off Friday, Saturday, "You know what" Sunday and Monday.

Just in case.