This week's After Buzz was originally supposed to be short. I was just going to cover a few topics, but it ended up going for quite awhile. That would be because Buzz not only joined in the chat at the beginning, but he then walked down the hallway to be on live. Here are some of the topics:

  • I give the rundown on DirecTV and how they screw you over with NFL Sunday Ticket. Fair warning, if you had it the previous year and don't want it next season, cancel it early, because they start charging you well before the season starts.
  • I go into the difference between panic attacks and anxiety attacks. I also give my first hand accounts of panic attacks.
  • Then Buzz joins in and we talk about a lady's eye brows I found really funny. It was a sad story because with the high winds in El Paso, she had damage to her home. But that's not why I was laughing. She looked like someone took Groucho Marx's mustache paintbrush and used it above her eyes. It's okay to feel sorry for someone, but still find something comical. If you can't, you should look into a Rectal Stickectomy.