Guess everything really is bigger in Texas!

Austin, Texas brewery Austin Beerworks needed a catchy gimmick to launch their newest beer, Peacemaker. Austin Beerworks co-founder Michael Graham said they began throwing out ideas to see what would stick in their minds and their customers minds the best. The first was when you would want to drink the Peacemaker. From grubbing down on some delicious BBQ, fishing with your buddies and even as a pre workout (owners ideas, not mine), they decided to rename the pale ale the Peacemaker Anytime. Finally, a beer you can enjoy anywhere, anytime.

From there, they needed to decide on an amount of beers to put in their pack. Finally, they hilariously and truly decided on a 99 pack of beers, for only $99.99. Even in the company's press release, they had to keep emphasizing that this was not a hoax, they are actually releasing a 99 pack of beer in stores. The box is ridiculously long, the idea preposterous and the public is loving it.

You can check on their Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to see where they will be releasing the 99 packs in Austin. Better grab one if you go to visit anytime soon! The company thinks they will be selling out of these limited edition packs, but they will be making more if the demand is very high. Check out the company's commercial advertising their amazing new beer. You can also read more about Austin Beerwork's Peacemake Anytime Ale 99 pack release at the Austin360 website.