Well, these kids are off to a helluva start!!

I wrote a blog over a year ago about Unlocking The Truth.  A heavy metal band from Brooklyn made up of kids who were only 11 - 12 at the time but who were already starting to get some attention!

Now, at the ripe old ages of 12 and 13, they have just been signed to a 1.7 million dollar record deal with SONY Records!  Not to shabby for a 3 piece band that can't even drive yet huh?  Grammy-winner Steve Jordan, who started as a teenager himself drumming for Stevie Wonder, saw their street performance vid and started working with them.

Instead of cases of beer, liquor, exotic foods and the usual "sex, drugs and rock n roll" type rider stuff; the boys .. literally .. in  Unlocking The Truth will probably settle for the latest video games, cases of soda and designated nap times!