I find this to be a good idea. Get men to learn to cook early so we don't have to do it as often.

Flickr User mia3mom

A thirteen year old from Garfield, New Jersey McKenna Pope has started a petition on Change.org to have Hasbro make an Easy Bake Oven that is more male friendly.

It started when her little brother Gavyn, 4 years old, was trying to cook a tortilla with a light bulb. He enjoyed cooking so for Christmas his sister thought she would buy him an Easy Bake Oven so he could continue to learn to cook. Unfortunately, when she got to the toy store there were Easy Bake Ovens but only in pink or purple. She found this to be sexist, showing that women are the only ones that are supposed to cook.

Gavyn though, wants to be a chef when he grows up which trust me, can really help a guy out when he gets older. If a guy can cook, I will most likely let you take me out because I love watching a man cook. It shows you can things other than fix my car.

Good news for McKenna though! After 45,000 people signed her petition, her and her brother Gavyn have been invited by Hasbro to their headquarters to check out the newest Easy Bake Oven they are coming out with. It will be in gender neutral black and silver that will be marketed to both male and females. Also, her petition was supported by many of the top male chefs in the business including Bobby Flay, Jose Andreas, Jeff Mahin, Joshua Whigham and Mnauel Trevino. Way to make a difference at only 13 years old!

You can check out her petition here.