Liam Nazark, a 16-year-old baseball player has been growing his hair out for a year, to donate it in September to make wigs for kids with cancer. Last week, Nazark was told by his coach to either cut his hair or he will be sitting on the bench to cheer on his team, Pincher Creek Junior Dust Devils. What would you do?

Before the commencement of Wednesday's Dust Devils home opener, Coach Bryan Mackenzie told Liam he would not be allowed to play because his hair had not been cut. Liam's mother, Kimberly Jorgenson exchanged a few words with Coach Mackenzie and was clever to record the confrontation.

After Coach Mackenzie put his foot down telling Jorgenson that he is trying to set an example for the rest of the players, Liam ended up cheering on his team from the dugout during that game. He is now looking to sign up for spring football or soccer.