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AUDIO: What’s the Difference?
Time for a game of What's the Difference! I'll give you two items: objects, people, etc....see if you can spot the differences. Sometimes the differences are very subtle, though.
For instance:
What's the difference between approximately and roughly?
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(AUDIO) What’s the Difference??
Here's a game you can play along at home or at work. It's called "What's the Difference?".  I'll give you two items...people, places, things...and see if you can spot the subtle, sometimes near microscopic differences.
Here are this week's items:
A wife and a gun.
A camouflage condom and a re…
AUDIO: What’s the Difference??
In this feature, I present two items, things or people. See if you can spot the, sometimes subtle, differences as we play "What's the Difference?".
Today, Easter Baskets and Kardashians. What's the Difference?
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AUDIO: What’s the Difference???
Once a week we play a game called "What's the Difference???".  I'll give you two items and see if you can spot the subtle differences.
For example:
What's the difference between a restaurant and a whorehouse?
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(AUDIO) What’s The Difference?!?
What's the difference between The Super Bowl and the Miss America Pageant?
See if you can guess correctly and play along!
You can hear the audio from today's "What's the Difference" by clicking on read more, below...
“What’s the Difference?” (AUDIO)
This is a fun game to play along: I will give you two seemingly similar things. See if you can spot the difference!
What's the difference between an NHL game and your High School reunion?
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AUDIO: What’s the Difference??
This week, "What's the difference between Prince William and Katherine's baby and cold fusion?"
To find out the answer to that and more, click ahead to the next page for the audio....
This is a fun quiz to test your mental acuity. I'll give you two items and see if you are sharp enough to spot the subtle difference. This is the same test they use to train Mossad agents in Israel!
Take the What's the Difference quiz....
What’s the Difference?!?!
Time to play "What's the Difference" ! I'll give you two items and you'll see if you can spot the difference.
What's the difference...
Between karma and Jerry Sandusky?
Karma's a bitch and Jerry Sandusky's about to become someone's.
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