Vanessa Hudgens

The Hottest GIFs of Former Disney Stars
Former Disney stars Vanessa Hudgens, Christina Milian, Selena Gomez and Camilla Belle may not be as popular or successful as Britney, Christina or Miley (yet), but there's no denying just how hot they all are.
Hottest Vanessa Hudgens GIFs Ever
From the 'High School Musical' series to R-rated feature films, Vanessa Hudgens is the latest lady to go from being a Disney girl-next-door to the rambunctious, sultry vixen type.
Vanessa Hudgens — Crush of the Day
Vanessa Hudgens has grown up before our eyes. She has gone from a ‘High School Musical’ singing teen into a full fledged woman. She is now hot enough (and old enough) to possibly trick us into going to see ‘Journey 2: The Mysterious Island.’
Vanessa Hudgens Strips Down for Candies [VIDEO]
Vanessa Hudgens may be best known for her portrayal of a high school student, but in a new ad campaign for Candies, the now-22-year-old wants the world to know she’s all grown up.
The ads features Hudgens wearing cute little bras and fun stuff. And she does a bit of ironing, too.