Adam Lambert To Tour With Queen [VIDEO]
I know what you're thinking, no one can take the place of the legendary Freddie Mercury, but Lambert sees this as a treat, a way for him to show the respect he has for Mercury and pay tribute to one of the best singers ever by singing some of the greatest songs ever written.
Go Backstage On Tour With Stone Sour [VIDEO]
Check out some great videos with Stone Sour behind the scenes and back stage on their current tour with In This Moment. They meet fans, do soundcheck, buy coffee and talk about the road and the studio. And get a load of Josh Rand's kick-ass Flotsam and Jetsam T-shirt!
Go Behind the Scenes with Godsmack on the Uproar Tour [VIDEO]
Godsmack is out killing the Uproar Tour right now, and they've been releasing weekly backstage footage from the road, including their ritual 8:15 tequila shot. Episode three has now come out, including some footage of their drummer Shannon's tour troubles. Broken ribs and a stick across th…

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