Fans Build Snowman and Draw Giant Penis on Sun Bowl Field
That was the scene just a short time after Washington State defeated Miami 20-14 in the 2015 Hyundai Sun Bowl. One thing that went unnoticed in the snow was that a group of fans attempted to build a snowman near midfield.
This man had a dream of making a snowman at the Sun Bowl...
Watch A Reporter Get Taken Out By A Snowplow
Yesterday morning, a reporter named Steve Keeley was standing on the side of a road in New Jersey talking about the driving conditions.  In the middle of his report, a snowplow drove by and threw a wall of snow at him.
People Vs Winter-Who Ya Got? [Video]
It's no secret that snow and ice  is my sports car's kryptonite.  Yeah for some reason convertibles don't do well in winter. Check out this video compilation filled with ice-induced pavement pile-ups, out of control vehicles, winter wipeouts, and a smattering of death defier…

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